Your premiere resource for women and families facing a diagnosis of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, or other women's cancers.

Support for Every Step

Regardless of where you are in your journey, Breast Friends has volunteers on hand to discuss your issues with you. We are not licensed counselors, but we are women who have walked in your shoes. We've been down your path, some of us several times. We offer individual support either through one-on-one contact via phone, or in person, as well as support groups customized to meet the needs of our patients.

Upcoming Events

Survivor & Friends Luncheon and Educational Workshops at DoubleTree Lloyd Center, 1000 NE Multnomah St., Portland OR 97232


  • Breast Friends gave me the place to see other women that had been through cancer and come out the other side. I felt arms wrapped around me that really knew what I was feeling and thinking. I called one day in tears and someone came right over and calmed my fears...I owe more than I could ever repay to Breast Friends.

    It’s an amazing organization.
    You ladies are LOVED!

    Cory - Breast Cancer Survivor

  • My experience with Breast Friends during my first level of reaching out for information was comforting. Breast Friends is an outreach for women who have no idea what's coming at them...The need is real and Breast Friends is there for those of us who had no idea how to navigate the stages ahead with Breast Cancer. An invaluable resource of knowledge with real women who have been through the experience.

    Kelly - Breast Cancer Survivor

  • Having the love and support from breast friends makes the cancer journey much easier. I look forward to the chats and it gives me something to look forward to. Having the hope, makes cancer bearable ! No one should go through this alone! It's amazing to have friends by your side!
    Thanks so much!

    Sally - Breast Cancer Survivor

  • I am so happy to have been referred to Breast Friends. They offer a great service that is really needed. When I was diagnosed I felt so alone and so it was very comforting to know I had someone to talk to who knew how it felt every step of the way.

    Evelyn - Breast Cancer Survivor

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