Your premiere resource for women and families facing a diagnosis of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, or other women's cancers.

Support for Every Step

Regardless of where you are in your journey, Breast Friends has volunteers on hand to discuss your issues with you. We are not licensed counselors, but we are women who have walked in your shoes. We've been down your path, some of us several times. We offer individual support either through one-on-one contact via phone, or in person, as well as support groups customized to meet the needs of our patients.

Upcoming Events

May 6, 2017
Dance the night away with the Carroll Raaum 17 Piece Swing Orchestra. Emcee will be Daria of The Daria and Gustav Show on 94.7. Dinner | Silent Auction | Live Auction | Free Parking | Doors open at 5:30pm
March 24, 2017
For imformation contact Sherry Palmer, 321.474.6900
March 29, 2017
Information will be provided about mammograms and services for women and families impacted by a cancer diagnosis.


  • I received a hat in the mail and several phone calls. All were much appreciated. I wore the hat when I walked in a 5k with my bald head during my chemo, and it brought lots of comments...Your organization is one of many that helped me along the way. Thanks much.

    Gayle - Breast Cancer Survivor

  • After cancer I found I had lived several lives; my pre-cancer life, my post-cancer life, and now the life I am fortunate to be left with. It is this life that Breast Friends saved and continues to enrich everyday. I am truly blessed to have found them.

    Linda - Survivor and Thriving Beyond Cancer Workshop Paticipant

  • My experience with Breast Friends during my first level of reaching out for information was comforting. Breast Friends is an outreach for women who have no idea what's coming at them. The sound advice and follow up is wonderful...An invaluable resource of knowledge with real women who have been through the experience.

    Kelly - Breast Cancer Survivor

  • I love that your program is out there. Sometimes this seems like such an arduous journey. Knowing that you're not alone means so much. Not everyone has a strong support system of friends and family. Even if you do it's sometimes nice to bare your fears and concerns with someone else.

    Susan - Breast Cancer Survivor

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