Pennsylvania Affiliate History

Breast Friends’ newest affiliate launched in 2012 and is located in Stroudsburg, PA. The Directors are two fabulous women, Vivian Vega and Kelli Mercurio who have been friends for many years. Vivian was diagnosed in 2004, and Kelli was diagnosed in 2010. They supported each other through their journeys, but after treatment they both realized that not all women are as fortunate. Many don’t have the level of support they each had and they began searching for a way to bring their passion and heart to help the many cancer patients in Pennsylvania.

Vivian has worked to support the cause by helping raise money for research, but wanted to do more. She and her husband started to make plans to start a foundation. She shared her dream with Kelli who also had the passion to give back to others. Kelli and Vivian both felt the same calling. Together they decided to partner to show how friendships can fill the soul and help other women on the same journey they have both taken.

Kelli discovered Breast Friends and shared it with Vivian and Shawn, Vivian’s husband. All three believed in the mission of Breast Friends and agreed that this program would have helped their families and friends. The desire to bring the program to Pennsylvania was born.