Kids Inner Circle

For those closest to the person diagnosed with cancer, and who feel its greatest impact….this page is for you.  Please feel free to share your thoughts and feelings through essays, poems, drawing or pictures. You may submit your creativity to Vivian Vega either by email or snail mail – Breast Friends, P.O. Box 935, Stroudsburg, PA 18360


“Mom Has Cancer”
by Charlotte

My family had been waiting forever to hear any words that weren’t those ones.  My brothers and I were sitting in the customary position across the couch, my youngest brother on my right, older younger brother on the left, and me in the middle with my parents sitting on the wooden table in front of me, which basically meant that bad news is definitely coming. Whenever my parents have bad news, we sit on this ugly couch and they explain it to us. On this couch our cat died, my grandfather died, my grandmother had an aneurism and, not even a month ago, my mom had a hysterectomy to test for cancer. And now, she has cancer.  Read full story…


Family Journey with Breast Cancer
by Jennie

Hi, my name is Jennie Slosarik, and today I would like to share with you my family’s journey with breast cancer. I was four years old when my mom was first diagnosed so honestly I don’t ever remember a time when cancer was not a part of my life.

In the beginning I was so young that my memories have become wrapped up in the stories my family has told me, but the one thing I do remember is being afraid. Read full story…