One-on-One Support

Understanding how to help someone going through breast cancer, ovarian cancer, or any other woman’s cancer is not easy. Unless you’ve been there before, you may be at a total loss as to how to help. We offer individual support either through one-on-one contact via phone, or in person.


We have volunteers ready and willing to talk with you about how to best help your loved ones. We can share from our personal experiences, what was helpful for us when we went through our journey, and what wasn’t. We can teach you the things that are okay to say, and the things to avoid.

Often times, we are so afraid of saying the wrong thing, that we don’t say anything. That’s the biggest mistake of all. Learn how to be the kind of support she needs at one of the most difficult crossroads of her life.

You can call our local affiliates or our national office at 888-386-8048 and speak to someone who can help you.