Counseling Service

Counseling Services are provided by Connie Sewing, PhD

Dr. Sewing is currently providing cancer support counseling services for
Breast Friends. In-Person or Phone appointments are available:

Location: Hours:
Breast Friends Office
14050 SW Pacific Hwy
Tigard OR 97224
03.598.8048 Office
415.828.2312 Direct
Mondays: 1:30-5:30pm
Thursdays: 1:30-5:30pm

Dr. Sewing received her doctorate in Human Development from U.C. Berkeley and taught at the College of Human Development at Pennsylvania State University. She is also trained as a life coach and  has received training in patient counseling at the Simonton Cancer Institute in Santa Barbara, CA.
After her own bout with cancer in 2012, Connie changed her focus and has concentrated her work on living well, and more meaningfully, after cancer. She continues to thrive!

Connie is providing her services for free, but we ask a $20 donation to Breast Friends for each appointment for those who are able.

“I have been working with Connie Sewing for about 4 months. She is helping me through the grieving process of my husband’s recent death….I couldn’t ask for a better support person. Her calm loving manner, her loving smile and her expertise have helped me to understand better what I am going through. I’ve been deathly afraid of depression because of ongoing issues and she has taught me the differences between my chronic problem and the down times that come naturally with my loss. The regular check-in gives me a lot of peace and security. A couple of weeks ago I told her that when it was time for me to move on from this relationship that I felt I would be blessed to have her as a personal friend.”           Gloria, Counseling Recipient

Updated: 3/1/2018

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Connie will be unavailable on the following dates: July 22 thru Aug 1st
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