Starting an Affiliate

Though our focus is to build our programs to reach their maximum impact in each current location, we are open to strategic growth in new areas. We have several requests each year to start a new affiliate in various locations, but there are requirements. Here are the things to consider if you are interested in joining our family:

  • Is the name, Breast Friends, available in your state?
  • Need to Check with the Business Registry office.
  • Are you willing to offer all of our programs and services, as appropriate to your locale?
  • Will you follow our guidelines in use of our marketing materials to help us protect our national trademark?
  • Are you able to pull together a team of people with the following skills: Fundraising/Sales, Administrative, Bookkeeping, Patient Services.
  •  Are you able to spend 10-20 hours of volunteer time per week in the beginning to build your program and develop name recognition in your area?
  • Do you have the skills to meet one-one-one with medical facilities to help promote our programs in your area.
  • Are you willing to go through our training to provide excellent patient services?
  • Are you a survivor? (not required in all positions, but helpful for the Patient Outreach Coordinator).
  • We reserve the right to run a thorough back-ground check.
  • You will be required to fund raise and will be asked to send a minimum of $1000 to help offset the cost of starting your affiliate. (Amount may vary depending on start-up costs associated with your state business registry and Department of Charitable Fundraising)

If you are truly interested in starting a full-service affiliate, and can agree to all of the bullet points shown above, please call our office and let us know of your interest. You can reach us at 888-386-8048. We are willing to begin the conversation. Again, we are interested in slow growth.

If your main interest is in simply providing a support group, we encourage you to do so under another name (not our Trademarked name of Breast Friends.). Once you get your support group set up, please let us know and we will list you under our resources page for your state.

It is our goal to reach women who have been touched by breast, ovarian and other women’s cancers across the United States. Women who have been diagnosed with cancer need additional support while traveling through this traumatic journey, regardless of where they live. If we don’t have an affiliate in your location, you are welcome and encouraged to call us at our national office at 888-386-8048.