Hat Project – Free Hats for Cancer Patients

We understand that humor is key to survival. As they say, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Indeed it is. That is why Breast Friends developed the Hat Project. When one of the co-founders was given a funny hat that said, “No Hair Day,” it changed her world. Where she had been afraid to go out in public out of fear that people would stare, she was suddenly excited to be seen in public. The funny hat allowed people to talk to her, rather than about her. Portland artist Jo Gefre met Breast Friends and created a hat that truly helps! Pink or blue hats, complete with a funny caption (‘Has Anyone Seen my Hare?’ or ‘Temporarily Bald, Permanently Beautiful’), can help turn the heartbreak of hair loss due to chemo therapy in to an opportunity for laugh therapy.

Tackling a tough situation “head on” often is the key to getting to the other side. When we laugh endorphins actually diminish physical and psychological pain. We believe that you can heal through laughter and that this hat can be a reminder to laugh often and laugh well.

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for the hats. I was already complimented on the ball cap! What you are doing is really awesome! I really appreciate the hats! Again Thank You so much!”

These hats are given out free to cancer patients (within the United States*) who are experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy.

To receive a hat, or to order one for a friend, you may use our online order form> or contact your local affiliate, or the national office at 1-888-386-8048.

However a suggested donation of $20.00 would help pay it forward to the next person in need. Any size donation would be appreciated. If you would like to make a donation please Click Here>

*Due to the cost of shipping, we are unable to ship outside of the United States.

“I just received a teal colored cap from you [Breast Friends] in the mail. It appears my Granddaughter-in-law, Gina … asked you to send it to me. I love it! I have ovarian cancer, Stage 4, and it is the perfect color. I will wear it with pride. Thank you so much!”

~Barbara, Hat Recipient

“I’m a survivor who shares my healing journey with survivor support groups. I don’t charge any fees. I like to be able to share with them the generosity of programs like yours; by sharing about your program and being able to show them one of your adorable hats. They are amazed as I was, that people they don’t know, care about them and what their going through…Bless You for the Blessing you are to survivors.”